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As a mixed media artist and photographer, I work with a variety of mediums to create the works you'll find as you browse the pages of this site.   

I take most of my nature photographs near my woodland home in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Other creations are imagined and handcrafted in my tiny attic studio.

My introverted nature reveals itself in the muted colors, soft finishes, quiet mood, and fluid form of my designs. My collections are ever-changing so I hope you visit often to see what's new.


Mixed media art allows me to work with a wide array of materials.

This fluidity inspires distinctive pieces and satisfies my restless brand of creativity. 


A few of my favorites...

Textiles: ribbon, cork, yarn, fabric, faux fur.

Paper: matte, kraft, vellum, linen, cotton, rag.

Faux Botanicals: buds, flowers, leaves, succulents.

Photographs: digital, framed, shadow boxes.  

Metal: base metals with patina finishes.

Glass: bottles, beads, cabochons, ceramics.

Plastic: resin, lucite, polymer clay.

In some pieces, I use odds and ends including upcycled and repurposed finds that have caught my eye.

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